Swimming Pool & Spa Knowledge Services

Ask any questions…Get the latest information..

Build new or renovate old Swimming Pool & Spa confidently.

Benefit and Save because of updated knowledge about Swimming Pool & Spa….

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Building a new Pool or Spa is tough job.

So also, when you are renovating old Pool & Spa.

You MAY have many questions in MIND…. ….

  1. What is the cost of Swimming Pool construction?
  2. What type of pool should I build?
  3. What are the equipments available?
  4. Why should I renovate the Pool? What are things to be considered while renovating?
  5. What are the world standards?
  6. I want to know about Temperature Controlled Pool…
  7. What is possible in budget of Rs. ABCD (pool & Spa)?
  8. I am building a new health club. What should be the size of the pool?
  9. What is Spa?
  10. Can I have personal Spa in my home?
  11. What should be size of Sauna?
  12. What is running Cost of pool?
  13. What is electrical load for Spa?
  14. And many more questions…..

Don’t worry!

Ask any questions…Get the latest information..

Build new or renovate old Swimming Pool & Spa confidently.

Benefits of speaking with us for Swimming Pool & Spa….

  1. Our Experience & knowledge gathered over long 25 years in business, ensures your pool & Spa will have Zero defect and last longer.
  2. Latest info assured because of direct sourcing from leaders in business and reputed domestic and international manufacturers & Suppliers.
  3. All questions answered for pool & Spa construction.
  4. We give appropriate & Economical solutions to meet the client’s need, time deadlines and Budget.
  5. Appropriate solutions for Renovation of old pools.
  6. Latest info about ‘Pool heating and cooling system’ for in door and outdoor pools. A must & Useful in cold as well as hot climates to maintain Swimmer friendly pool water temperature throughout the year.
  7. We enable you to understand nuances of Swimming Pool & Spa building.
  8. Guide you about usage and maintenance of facilities for varied purposes like – Commercial, Private, Club & resorts etc.
  9. We offer full set of consultancy to include designs & drawings, Structural designs, Landscapes, Spa Layout, equipment selection etc.

We are happy to answer your 5 queries in this regard for Rs. 2,000.00 only.

Contacting us will not only help you to build your Pool & Spa to the latest international standards at economical rates. We will also guide you about how to maintain facilities at low running costs.

All your questions are answered by our trained staff, Associate consultants and experts.

Get in touch with us. All your queries will be answered satisfactorily on email.

(Our full set of consultancy services Like Architecture, Landscaping, Structural design, water park consultancy, Spa layouts & designing, MEP are available to make your project successful. Consultancy & Service fees are dependent on work involved. T & C apply)


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